Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i completely agree....

Of all the people I have ever known, those who have pursued their dreams and failed have lived a much more fulfilling life than those who have put their dreams on a shelf for fear of failure. ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Jack-o-lantern!

I just spent the past two hours carving these pumpkins...but it was oh so worth it!

Check 'em out:


Monday, October 27, 2008

dream decoder...

So last night I had a nightmare that I was trying to save all my dead animals from my childhood from a tornado. They all had something wrong with them and couldn't run fast enough from the winds. It was horrible!!! So, my friend, Liana Anderson (aka most beautiful woman on the planet) suggested I go to and look up the meaning of it all. (couldn't find info on dead animals...just seeing dead people) this is what it said about tornadoes and seeing the dead...separately:


To see a tornado in your dream, suggests that you are experiencing some extreme emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. Is there a situation or relationship in your life that may be potentially destructive?

To dream that you are in a tornado, signifies that you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. You will be met with a series of disappointments for the next week or so. Your plans will be filled with complications.

To see several tornadoes in your dream, represent people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. It may also symbolize a volatile situation or relationship.


To see the dead in your dream, forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. You may suffer material loss. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on.

If you dream of a person who has died a long time ago, then it suggests that a current situation or relationship in you life resembles the quality of that deceased person. The dream may depict how you need to let this situation or relationship die and end it.

To see and talk with your dead parents in your dreams, represents your fears of losing them or your way of coping with the loss. You may want that last opportunity to say your final good-byes to them.

To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend alive in your dream, indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Richard MacDonald's "Born Of Fire: An Epoch In Bronze"

Amelia and I went to Richard MacDonald's "Born Of Fire: An Epoch In Bronze" art gallery on Saturday in Beverly Hills and it was AMAZING. This man has such a gift. He captures movement of the human body in his sculptures that will blow you away. He uses Cirque de Soleil dancers/ contortionists as his models. Two of the men who model for him performed at the show. One of the dancers asked Amelia for her number and he's been texting her! HAHA! of course he is...amelia is gorgeous. I found these pictures up on WireImage so I took 'em and now they are here for you to enjoy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Teen Vogue Fashion Show

Went to the Teen Vogue Fashion Show and Party with Brea a few weeks ago. MGMT played! It was fun. Here are some pics:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I really dig this:

Daily Activity to stir up life...

I couldn't decide whether I should name my blog "This blog will change your life" or "Coffee and OJ in Hollywood"---and for now, I'm sticking with the coffee and oj. A big part of my blog is going to concentrate on doing something crazy and unusual everyday. Come back to see what's next on the agenda.
10/24 Tomorrow's challenge: crab walk down the sidewalk and get it on tape.