Thursday, January 29, 2009

something i already know...

I just read the entire story of the brazilian model who died of Sepsis, Mariana Bridi da Costa. Well, actually I read about 10 stories about it because I kept googling. So tragic. She was so beautiful and full of life. I sat here, looking at her pictures on her website and had this moment of disappointment in myself. Am I really doing enough to enjoy life while I have it? Am I taking care of myself as I should? I could do more. People are so fragile. I sit here and look at my hands typing and I see how fragile I am. How are so many of us able to escape harm as long as we do?? Sometimes i just feel as if i am floating in this strange world that isn't real and i need to wake up and realize that it is! Atleast for me...for me it is and I need to live in the moment as often as possible. Savor food, treat every moment as if it is a special gift. This is so hard to do, but for this is going to be my goal. Treat every moment as if it is a special gift.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My picks for best restaurants

I am a foodie. I LOVE to find restaurants/ cafes/ bars that rock my tastebuds. I've only been in LA for a year and a half, but here are my favorites so far for best vegetarian food in the Santa Monica area. In no particular order...

1. Bangkok West (Thai) -Santa Monica

2. The Counter (burgers) -- great veggie burgers! Santa Monica

3. Akbar (Indian) Santa Monica and Marina del Rey

4. Musha (Japanese) Santa Monica

5. Interim Cafe - Santa Monica

6. Abbots Pizza -- Venice and Santa Monica

7. Bulan (Vegetarian Thai) Melrose Ave.

8. Jack and Jills-- Santa Monica

9. RFD-- Santa Monica

10. Fritto Misto (Italian) Santa Monica

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolutions and things to get done in 2009

guitar lessons

exercise regularly

put on music and dance every morning while getting ready for the day

drink more emergen-c

make WAY more money than I am now

tighten my backside

show artwork in gallery


buy and use a juicer

make an effort (this applies to everything)

tattoo maybe

make more lists

send cards to loved ones

make more phone calls

do 25 push ups and 100 crunches a day...atleast!!

learn final cut pro

make a short film

did anyone say demo reel???

It doesn't matter whether I live or die...

It doesn't matter whether I live or die...the world goes on without me. This is a statement that I try and tell myself regularly. I can see how, to some, this may seem depressing, but to me...well, its inspiring. It helps me to let go of my egotistical thinking. Now, I'm not saying that I don't make an impact. Because I think everyones actions throughout everyday make an impact on everyone elses lives. If the guy in Burbank travels down to Santa Monica and cuts me off, preventing me from making the green light...I may have been saved from an accident-- or it could cause an accident. You see...what I'm trying to say is that we all have an effect on each other while we're alive, and for some death could change many lives, too. But the world keeps on going. It will always keep on going and people will keep thriving and the world will shine. So...there is no need to fear the unknown or to ever think that we are superior to anyone else. We shouldn't hold on to petty little things because -- well, Does it really matter???