Monday, June 8, 2009

Soaring through the sky!

So today was that time of year birthday. The older I get, the less excited I get about the birthday...BUT, I think I am going to do something crazy, exotic, exhilarating every year from now on. THIS year I went skydiving! I drove 2.5 hours north of Santa Barbara to a place called Lompoc to willingly jump out of a plane. I do admit, I was extremely nervous on the plane ride up. My tandem diver didn't seem friendly at first and didn't speak to me the entire ride up, which made me even more nervous. I'm thinking "does this guy want me to die...will he pull the chute??" But, it turns out he just keeps it calm before the jump and he's talkative later on. here's a picture of me before I jumped:

The instructor told me to keep my head back before we were going to jump and during the I didn't look down at all until I was falling from the sky.
The free fall is hard to take in. You really can't experience it all and remember what happened before the chute was pulled during your first jump. It was hard to breathe and my eyes were watering up in my goggles. All the while, the videographer is trying to get some sort of response out of me towards the camera! All I wanted to do was push him away. I do remember thinking I wanted the free fall to end and I wanted the chute to open. Mainly because it was hard to breathe.

BUT, once that chute is opened and you can talk to your instructor and float around in the sky...its just breathtaking! I could see the ocean and the mountains...aahhhh. I'll definitely do it again.