Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food With Love

If we make food choices from a place of love and awareness we will nurture ourselves with the foods our body really needs.

Our bodies are like living temples, and deserve all the love and care we can give them. Amazingly flexible and strong, they allow us to experience the world. If we notice that we’re not feeling our best, that we’ve put on extra weight, or that our favorite clothes don’t fit, we can make the choice to be good to ourselves in a new way today.

There are times we become conscious of a deeper hunger that will not be satisfied physically. We can make a new, healthier choice for ourselves in any moment, regardless of the hour, day, week or month. And when we make the choice lovingly, we work from a creative place of improving our lives and nurturing the best within us, so there is no need to punish ourselves. From this place, we can be gently honest with ourselves about the reasons we want to eat certain foods. We can reach out to doctors to help us determine if our bodies are out of balance at a level that requires something other than basic nutrients. We can also reach out to our friends for support and to share the journey of health, which is just another part of our adventure on the physical plane.

When we treat ourselves and our bodies as we would a trusted and loyal companion, we keep our energy free from negative thoughts that would complicate our journey. Our bodies are not our enemies, and we are not fighting a battle. Instead, we are investing our love and attention into the care and support of a beautiful creation—our selves.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life is Gooooooood

I can't complain. Aside from certain things I have to deal with on a daily basis, life has been stupendous lately. I've been taking advanced jewelry making courses, toning my glutes (yes, i said toning my glutes), flying airplanes, hiking to see beautiful water falls, reading book after book, cooking new foods, and I started an acting class that I LOVE. All the while, I have a loving boyfriend and awesome friends to spend my time with. Damn I feel lucky! Okay okay I'm not writing this post just to brag. I have a point to talking about how awesome things are. It's all about your outlook. Once you realize that you have the choice to be happy or sad, working towards a goal or not, or to just spout out words or to take action....things will change for you. The realization that we control most of the aspects of our lives creates a spectacular shift in the way the world works for us. You can have what you want (within reason). I choose to be happy and to explore the world! What do you choose?