Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh life, you.... sneakin' up on me with drama.

The last week was rather dramatic for me. I was tested in many ways. My anger, tolerance, and patience were tested for sure. When things go askew I am getting better at taking a deep breath, meditating, and moving on. We are all love. I am love. I will not allow those with mean spiritedness or deep insecurities in themselves to bring me down. I know the truth and that is all that matters. Other people's thoughts do not make a difference in the course of my life. That's all they are: thoughts...not reality. I openly and willingly let love in and I know it is all okay. I truly believe we are all special beings, and forgive anyone who has done me wrong. I forgive anyone who has an agenda devoid of love. I forgive those who direct negativity towards me. I do not accept it, but I forgive. If we are all to live in this crazy world together, we have to come from a place of love. We have to come from a place of understanding and kindness. There are always lessons to be learned and if we pay attention, we can see the beauty in these lessons. Even if an experience happens TO you - there is a lesson in it. Life is an amazing journey. It's an amazing experience that we are meant to see, touch, hear, and feel together.