Sunday, November 6, 2011

Visiting Animal Acres!

The Love 24/7 members have decided on our next video! We are visiting Animal Acres, a beautiful animal sanctuary outside of LA. "Animal Acres is a Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate learning center dedicated to rescuing and protecting farmed animals through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts."
I'm so excited to film this video and show you all the beautiful lives that have been saved from slaughter through this organization. Let's all support Animal Acres.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Project Love 24/7

Filming this week for my new project, LOVE 24/7. I'll be shooting videos of random acts of love to warm your heart and put a smile to your face. I'm very excited about this project, as it's my baby. :) If you have any ideas for Project Love 24/7 or would like to be featured in a video message me! By random acts of love, I mean, surprising someone you love....visiting a out random flowers to strangers.....handing out compliments...visiting an animal sanctuary. The idea is to see the reaction and emotion in the person receiving the love as well as the person giving it. We are love. Let's live love! I've got a website that's been up for a few months, but I'm not ready to give the link out just yet. I want to make sure I have my videos to share first. Love you all my fellow earth inhabitants!

Friday, November 4, 2011

What a great way to live life

I absolutely adore Jonathan Safran Foer. I read his book, Eating Animals, years ago and admire his passion and empathetic nature.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'll miss my Papa forever. Til we meet again!

My grandfather passed away last week on October 25th in his home. He got up in the middle of the night to get some food, warmed it up, had his teeth ready in his hand, and slipped away. They say he passed how most people hope to, peacefully in his that is somewhat comforting. I miss him so much! He was a great man with personality, love, and talent. Luckily, he made a few tapes for me talking about his amazing life stories in the days before he died. I will treasure those tapes forever. I'm still kind of in shock, and it doesn't make sense. I am heartbroken, but I know time will heal all wounds. Losing someone I love just makes me realize how insignificant all these little things ppl worry about in life are. It has brought to light just how selfish people are, how rude we are to each other, and just how insane we all act toward each other. Let's try to inhabit this planet together in a peaceful way, fact, we are all one.

Here is an article that was printed in Texas Monthly about Papa last year. I had it set up so that they would interview him about his life. He was an accomplished musician who played with the likes of Hank Williams, Chet Atkins, Patsy Cline, The Carter Sisters,and Lefty Frizzel. Willie Nelson called him a show off once, and he was a student with Les Paul; taught by Joe Woverton. Anyway, read the article. He's amazing!